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Mar 29, 2014

When you’re in love, it seems like you only met yesterday - but that you’ve been together forever

Mar 21, 2014

Don’t do it to show those who doubted you that they were wrong. Achieve to show those who had faith in you, your friends and family, that they were right.

Forgive but don’t forget,
remember but don’t regret
beautiful mistakes (via dreadedflowers)
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The Lizard Man
Mar 8, 2014

The Lizard Man

Love is …
Mar 1, 2014

Love is …

Dec 23, 2013 / 7 notes
a scratch will fade but it scars your heart and it’s not worth it
beautiful mistakes (via dreadedflowers)
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If it’s light all the time, we can’t appreciate the stars
Beautiful mistakes (via dreadedflowers)
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Nov 9, 2013

Rachael at McHappy Day - Camden Park

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